World Theatre Day NYC | March 27, 2015
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Created in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on March 27 by ITI Centres and the international theatre community. Various national and international theatre events are organized to mark this occasion, such as the creation and circulation of the World Theatre Day International Message through which, at the invitation of ITI, a figure of world stature shares his or her reflections on the theme of Theatre and a Culture of Peace. The International Message is translated into more than 20 languages, read for tens of thousands of spectators before performances in theatres throughout the world.

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The Staged Reading of the Third Annual

is returning to The Lark for

World Theater Day 2015

on March 27th at 7:00pm

at The Lark Play Development Center

311 West 43rd Street, 5th Floor

The event will live stream on

Showcasing award-winning New York playwrights Kristoffer Diaz and Qui Nguye

Reserve your

tickets TODAY

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